Twinings of London – 300 years of expertise

In a time when coffee was king, one man, Thomas Twining, went against the tide to share his love of tea. His passion turned a little-known drink into the London’s favourite hot beverage. Twinings an English marketer of tea is owned by Associated British Foods. It holds the world’s oldest continually-used company logo, and is London’s…

Skippy Peanut Butter – “Skippy! Yippee!”

Skippy is the best-selling brand of peanut butter in China and second best brand worldwide! Joseph L. Rosenfield invented a churning process that made smooth peanut butter smooth. In 1928, Rosenfield licensed his invention to the Pond Company, the makers of Peter Pan peanut butter. In 1932, Rosenfield began making his own brand of peanut butter called Skippy…

Olive Oil : Health Benifits

We know that Olive Oil is a bit expensive compared to other types of cooking oils, but if you think, using Olive Oil reduces many medical problems in the future thus making it actually a cost saving and economical option for all.

FoodNosh September Love Discounts

Right after celebrating the huge success of FoodNosh Independence Sale, Team Foodnosh is back with a BANG with it’s September Love Discounts for New Customers!

Haribo – Kids and Grown ups love it!

Founded in 1920 in Germany by Hans Riegel in a small backyard laundry-kitchen, the starting capital of the Brand we know today as Haribo was only a sack of sugar, a marble block, a stool, a brick oven, a copper kettle and a roller and thus began the history of the now world-famous company, HARIBO.

Nutella – The spread worth spreading!

Nutella Hazelnut Spread Origin – Italy Nutella has an authentic taste of hazelnuts and cocoa and its unique creaminess intensifies the flavour. It is so delicious that even a small amount is highly satisfying, 1 tbsp of Nutella spread on bread is enough to guarantee an unbeatable taste and a pleasurable experience. Created by an…